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Feedback & Suggestions
Feedback & Suggestions

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Variables with hidden values in transformations

Hello Keboola team,

I have a suggestion for a new feature. I (and whole Heureka team) would really appreciate a possibility to add variables with hidden values to transformations. These variables could then be used as passwords in Python transformations... (More)

Clarice Robenalt
Analytics Engineer @ Compology

Is there a flag to suppress email alerts for orchestrations that fail due to `abort_transformation`?

I would really like to be able to select whether ABORT_TRANSFORMATION will trigger an error. Specifically, we transmit orchestration error emails to a slack channel for Keboola related alerts. I want to see ABORT_TRANSFORMATION errors for case (1), but not... (More)

Petra Horáčková
Data Detective at Bizztreat

Transformation name does not change while clicking through 'Requires' and 'Dependent Transformation' in transformation configuration

Hi guys, I've just found an issue while clicking through 'Requires' and 'Dependent Transformation' in transformation configuration. When I click back and forth between transformations, the transformation name stays the same. This might be quite confusing... or is it a... (More)