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David EsnerKeboola TEAM
Data Consultant & Component Developer

Pinterest Ads Extractor - Beta

Hello everyone, we have new Pinterest Ads data source component available in beta and we are looking for testers. It allows creating and getting performance reports across multiple ad accounts or automating retrieval of Custom reports defined via Pinterest UI.... (More)

Updates to the Google My Business Data Source

We have fixed the Google My Business Extractor. The component now allows you to collect daily metrics, reviews, media, and questions for your businesses that have a Google Business profile.

Please, feel free to test the Extractor. You can find... (More)

New Component - Okta Extractor

We are introducing a new component for extracting data from the Okta Identity Platform.

The new extractor will bring your data from the Okta Identity Platform into Keboola Connection Storage. The extractor has access to the following Okta endpoints: users... (More)

New Component - OpenAI Application

We are excited to announce the release of a new component in our Keboola Connection platform—the OpenAI app! This app allows you to utilize the OpenAI Text Completion service and incorporate it into a Keboola Connection project.

To get started... (More)