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David EsnerKeboola TEAM
Data Consultant & Component Developer

New version of BingAds Extractor - help needed

Hi all. We would like to create a new version of the BingAds (MS Advertising) extractor that is more stable, with improved UI/UX and some additional functionality. Is there anyone who uses it frequently and has some suggestions on what... (More)

Google Ad Manager Data Source Update

In short : Please update your GAM component configurations to new API versions and take note of the new Dimensions and Metrics.

Hey all,

We have added an "API Version" option to the Google Ads Manager Datasource. This is due... (More)

New Component - Deepnote Notebook Trigger Application

The component enables you to trigger the run of a specified notebook in Deepnote. To use it, you need access to the Deepnote API, which is available only to the Team and Enterprise plans.

You can find the component documentation... (More)

Salesforce API Deprecation Notice

Hey all users of the Salesforce Data Source (kds-team.ex-salesforce-v2). As of the summer release of '22 the following API versions are no longer supported by Salesforce.

  • 21.0
  • 22.0
  • 23.0
  • 24.0
  • 25.0
  • 26.0
  • 27.0
  • 28.0
  • 29.0
  • 30.0

They will no longer... (More)