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Discover and add ideas for Keboola Connection features. Here you can find everything about: transformation backends (transformations, sandboxes and workspaces), storage (storage, data catalogue, metadata), orchestration and jobs, API layer, platform management (user management, billing, etc.). 

Graph function in storage

I was wondering when Graph visualization of table dependencies in Storage component will be available in the new Transformation version (on Azure)?


Show All Transformation Queries at Once

Last week we announced significant changes to the Transformation components. In addition to those changes, you can now see all transformation queries at once. This is very useful when you want to run all queries in a workspace, in an... (More)

Another set of improvements for Transformations

Another set of UX improvements focusing on Transformations, Shared Codes, and Workspaces is ready and deployed to the Keboola Connection platform (Azure North Europe stack and related Transformation components).

List of Workspaces
List of Workspaces

More Compact Input and Output Mappings

Available generally for all stacks, no matter which version of Transformations you use. Even if you have a custom component with Table or File mappings, you will benefit from it.

Configuration detail (Python Transformation)
Configuration detail (Python Transformation)