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Q&A (Help Needed)
Q&A (Help Needed)

This is the place for finding answers to anything related to Keboola Connection. Ask away!

Salesforce Writer - DateTime help

Hi there - does anyone have any guidance on how datetime fields should be formatter when using the salesforce writer? Ive tried all the ways mentioned in the salesforce documentation and keep getting an error. Any help would be much... (More)

František ŘehořPartner
Data Consultant & Engineer @ data-based

Hi, which API do you use (would you recommend) for getting weather data? The Dark sky API has been deprecated after it was acquired by Apple. Thx

API for jobs log history

Hi, I was checking Keboola API and couldn't find how to get any data about job logs (maybe I am just blind :-)). Our use case is to measure run time of each query in snowflake transformations to spot anomalies,... (More)