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Q&A (Help Needed)
Q&A (Help Needed)

This is the place for finding answers to anything related to Keboola Connection. Ask away!

Inconsistence between steps and overall time job takes

Hi guys, I think I am missing something when it comes to jobs and billing.

I feel like recently some of my job runs have started to have quite high difference between the time each step takes and the overall... (More)

Orchestration scheduling


Is there a way of setting up a multiple schedules for one orchestration ? I would like to have an orchestration running twice a day at exact time. Right now the workaround i see is to make the same... (More)

Snowflake sandbox - PPU

How is the PPU determined using a sandbox? I assume I'll start a workspace by uploading data or querying. Is the time set for automatic sleep? Can I switch it to sleep mode?