Congratulations to Rohlik for their recent investment round! We cannot wait to see their brand and services all across Europe. Here's a short story about their data journey with Keboola. 

In today’s fast-growing environment, slow companies have no chance of survival. To speed up their growth, experimentation, and collaboration, businesses need to break away from their old data ways. Data can’t be reserved for just a couple of people, as this leads to time-consuming requests and slows down delivery. 

Using Keboola, Rohlik  provides democratization of data to its users and simplifies getting data insights. Every Rohlik employee can now access any data and make decisions that are data-driven instead of being based on gut feeling. This brings flexibility and speed when experimenting with new projects. Keboola even extends data collaboration to Rohlik’s partner ecosystem. 

The ability to add experts, partners, and researchers has led to sustainable growth and improved business results for Rohlik. This was especially important during COVID-19, when data was at the heart of their business success, leveraging insights for faster growth and flexibility. 

"With Keboola, we were able to open up data, simplify an increasingly complex data environment, and speed up the time from ideas to tangible results,“ said Tomáš Čupr, Group CEO at Rohlik