With the next Snowflake release a bundle 2022_02 will be enabled on all snowflake accounts, that will bring one important change: 

Recursion limit will be lifted. 

This means that any recursion in the queries, that previously failed with Recursion exceeded max iteration count will now run until it hits the query timeout limit. 

This has positive but also negative consequences. Positive consequence is that a query that needed more than 100 recursion limit will now run. Negative consequence is that if you inadvertently create an endless loop, the query will run until the query timeout is hit. Some of our clients have that limit set to more than 12 hours. 

We checked and in the past 14 days there were no queries that failed because of the recursion limit. But still, please be mindful and test your queries thoroughly, because you will be charged for the full query time in case of an endless query. 

Documentation gives you some pointers how to debug endless recursion in queries. You can also check the full message from Snowflake describing the change