Today, we will be updating our AWS stack and bringing you the new announced features. We have prepared for you, as promised, some instructions on what to do. As for the upgrade itself, you do not have to do anything. However, when it comes to the new features, there are a few instances that will require your cooperation. 

Let's see now where you will find the new features and if there are any actions that we will need you to take.

New Transformations (PUBLIC BETA)

New transformations will be available in the menu, together with the current transformations. You will be able to easily switch between them. As new transformations are built from the ground up, migrating the current transformations will be necessary. To make the process easier, we have prepared a migration script that will be available directly from the UI. The migration is required for all customers as the current transformations will be fully deprecated on September 1, 2021. Please read carefully about the migration, its steps, and its limitations here.

New Workspaces (PUBLIC BETA)

New workspaces will be available in the menu, under “Transformations,” in addition to sandboxes, so that you can easily switch between them. Learn more about workspaces here.

Disclaimer: If you are currently a heavy user of Data Science sandboxes, your Customer Success Manager will get in touch with you to discuss the usage and how it is going to be billed. 

Development Branches (PUBLIC BETA)

This feature for safe development will be available in the menu. Find out more about it here.

New Storage UI (PUBLIC BETA)

The new Storage UI will be available by default within the platform. While it will provide many great features, the graph will remain only in the current, legacy transformations, and it will temporarily be missing from new transformations. Before we improve the graph and bring it back as a part of new data lineage in Q3/2021, use the new tab "USAGE" instead. It will give you similar information in the table view. For more information, read here.


This feature will serve as an add-on to your contract. For more information about the billing and how to enable the feature in your project, please contact your Customer Success Manager or our support team. Learn more about this feature here.

We would love to hear your feedback on our new features. Please let us know your thoughts using the feedback button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

If you have any questions or comments about the coming upgrade, please contact our support team or directly contact your Customer Success Manager.