Hi everyone, some might have noticed that recently the old Salesforce (Bulk API) extractor has been deprecated and a notification in your projects appeared that you should consider using a new version. We have taken over the maintenance of Salesforce components from a 3rd party developer in order to provide better support and improved functionality. The old version will continue to work, but you won't be able to create new configurations. 

To help you with the transition, we have just released a migration tool that will make the migration of your old configurations to the new version easier. 

Once you click the PROCEED TO MIGRATION button you'll be shown all affected configuration and you'll have the option to trigger the migration in one click. You can run this safely as it won't affect your existing configurations or orchestrations. The detailed description of this process as well as what has changed was released in the latest status post. Below is a brief summary of what happens:

  • All configurations will be recreated using the new version of the component
  • Component state will be transferred.
    • If you had incremental load set up, the new configuration will continue from where it left of.
  • Output bucket of the new configuration will be the same as the old one.
    • There's no need to change any downstream input mappings.
  • Orchestrations won't be affected. 
    • It's up to you to plug the new configurations in.
  • The secret values will not be transferred
    • You need to reset the credentials for each configuration manually. This is due to the change of the component ID.