Hello community, I'd like to share with you a new Chrome extension useful for advanced users, who often trigger debug jobs on components to debug processors or just need to work with component configurations via API for whatever reason. It enables you to perform these tasks directly from the component configuration page. 

The extension is available in the Chrome Web Store

What is it useful for?:

  • Show current user's API token.
    • Just click the button and the current token is displayed in the popup. No need to reset the token. All works only in browser, the token is not stored anywhere.
  • Run Debug job
    • Trigger debug job directly from the component page. Super useful for debugging of the processors
  • Enable processors
    • Enable processors UI element in any component configuration. All components support them in theory, but not all of them will provide you the UI. After clicking the button you'll be able to set up the processors in the UI. No API call needed.
  • Update configuration
    • Display the raw JSON of the currently opened configuration and update it directly from the component.
  • Run Tag
    • This one is useful for component developers. You can run alternate tag of the docker image with the currently opened configuration. This speeds up the debugging and development of the new components - no need to deploy new version to all users in order to test it in the platform.

The extension currently supports both old and new queue. It also supports orchestrations-v2. So give it a try and let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements.