Periodically, we update backend scripts and data processing design of Keboola Connection to enable new features or enhance existing functionality. On Thursday, February 10th, we will be updating our Telemetry to improve the data available from the Telemetry Data extractor.

In the works for several months, the new Telemetry extends the feature to align with our multi-project architecture, Keboola CLI and Github capabilities, and will make maintenance, updates and upgrades much smoother and safer.

The changes and updates have no relation to Keboola Connection functionality, but there are two minor changes to note:

  • kbc_usage_metrics_values table - usage_breakdown column value “snowflake_writer” will be changed to “dwh_direct_query”. It contains credits consumed by querying Keboola provisioned Snowflake schema (by loading data to it, querying from third party tools like Tableau, or direct queries run by the users). The original value was misleading to some users who mistook it for credits billed by running a specific component - Snowflake Writer. To prevent confusion for users working with the raw data, PK will be changed, as it contains the usage_breakdown value. Processing data from this table in full mode will solve the issue.
  • kbc_project_user table - user_id column will contain stack definition, which will lead to change in PK. Processing this table incrementally will generate duplicate records. To solve the issue, process data from this table in full mode.

We’ll post an update here once new telemetry data are fully available in the Telemetry Data component.