Since we are bringing a feature parity between different stacks (mostly existing stacks and pay-as-you-go one), I think it might be beneficial to discuss the new features and publish a bit of a guide how to do the same (for testing/developing SQL query in workspaces. Lets have a look on SQL workspaces now:


A workspace serves several purposes and can be used as

  • an interactive development environment (IDE) to create transformations.
  • an analytical workspace where you can interactively perform experiments and modelling with live production data.
  • an ephemeral workspace created on each run of a transformation to provide the staging area in which the transformation operates. Ephemeral transformation workspaces are not visible in the transformation UI, hence we won’t mention them further.

When a workspace is created, it enters the Active state and can be used.

  • Database (Snowflake, Redshift, and Synapse) workspaces are billed by the runtime of queries executed in them. As such, we leave them in active state until you delete them.


Feature comparison

Keboola Sandbox

Keboola Workspace

1 click setup1 click setup
Single sandbox per user x projectMultiple private or shared Workspaces
No table unloadUI-based load/unload (user can also add new tables afterwards)
Scaling up via support ticketUI-based scaling up (*some features may come later)
Has pre-set durationCan be terminated, resumed & deleted


How-to create workspace to develop and test SQL queries - you can create workspace by clicking on the button on the right:

then you can specify if the workspace should be shared:

once its up, you can click on the workspace detail:

you can see the input mapping has been correctly set (workspace created from transformation):

just click on credentials (link on the right) to get the same creds as you would be used to with "old" sandbox:

Let us know what is your experience working with Sandboxes and Workspaces, which features you miss and how can we improve it!