There is a stellar Keboola Academy course for Generic Extractor - I would encourage everyone to start there:


However, I think this guide might be pretty useful for kickstarting new configuration:


Official documentation:

Steps to follow

  1. Authentication type
  2. Base URL
  3. Basic endpoint(s)
  4. Pagination
  5. Is Mapping needed? (in most cases - yes, especially for incremental loads)

(Important) If you bounce on some serious issues and you cannot get a solution from your peers, stop wasting your time further and switch to a custom component (Python, PHP, etc.)

Getting Started

To configure your first Generic Extractor, follow the tutorial for ‘Basic Configuration’. Also, review the following sections: Generic Extractor > Generic Extractor Tutorial

Note: It is important to make use of Column Mapping feature in order to avoid occurrence of duplicates during extraction.

Further configuration

To understand the specific parts of an existing configuration, check the Configuration Map (aka Parameter Map) and review following sections: Generic Extractor > Configuration

Iterate through each underlined item of the Configuration Map and review details. Alternatively, go to this page containing useful links for various sections of the Generic Extractor.

Review various Authentication types

Note: Don’t consume yourself with advanced authentication types e.g. OAuth, in the beginning. Start with ‘URL Query, ‘Basic HTTP’, ‘Login’ and know where to come back to in case another authentication type is required.


Adopted from an internal article by @Michal Hruska @Keboola