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František ŘehořPartner
Data Consultant & Engineer @ data-based
Asked a question 3 years ago

Any suggestions/tips/tricks (before we dive into it) for getting data in/out of Salesforce? Does anybody rely on 3rd party Salesforce extractor/writer components in Keboola developed by Martin Humpolec couple of years ago? Thx :)

Where am I?

In Keboola you can ask and answer questions and share your experience with others!

We heavily rely on those components and are using them successfully every single day :)

My only suggestion would be defining SOQL to select only particular fields. Don't start with extracting all fields, because then you'll be lazy to change it and will have problems once someone removes any field from the object (usually by adding and then removing some Salesforce extensions). Trust me, I've been there :)

One important note - Keboola is responsible for the components now and our PS team created new extractor (which is almost identical from the UI/UX point of view): kds-team.ex-salesforce

I need to ask @David Esner115 to add info about publishing this component.