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Asked a question 3 years ago

Hey Guys, I am looking to encrypt all values of a specific column on input into KBC. Extracting thru generic. The generic encryption functions seem to work only on outgoing data. The best option seems to be a processor with a hashing function. Anything like this available? Would such an approach ensure unhashed data don`t make it to KBC? (even into file storage). Any other ideas on how to do that?

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Martin FiserKeboola TEAM
Head of Professional Services @ Keboola

Hi Honza,

This would really be a job for a processor. Even though there is no such processor yet, we have have been discussing designing one in the past. Or possibly a nice job for anyone from the community?

Also waiting for @Martin Fiser111 to chime in but I do believe the processor is the way to go here (as yes, the data would land in the docker container unencrypted, but only encrypted data would then go to SAPI to be saved while the container ceases to exist).

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