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Asked a question 2 years ago

Hi, do you have any experience with any Google Analytics Alternatives? I am looking for an alternative because we cannot use GA in our case. Thanks.

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Freelance Data & Product Analytics Engineer

Hi Filip, Check out PostHog57. so far it's a great alternative to GA4. 🫰

Martin FiserKeboola TEAM
Head of Professional Services @ Keboola

I had some nice experience with Piwik (Matomo) in my previous life. its a typical session-based analytics, nothing fancy like event-base analytics (for that, check snowplow or segment, though segment can get expensive really fast)

I've recently switched to and it works nicely.

They even have guides to setup a proxy to bypass adblockers

And they can also import historical stats from Google Analytics. It only imports the daily aggregated numbers, but it's better than nothing