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Tereza Licková
Data Engineer
Asked a question last year

Hi, I would like to ask about processing unstructured data in the snowflake transformaction. Currently I can work with eg. JSON files as input for Python / R tr. But is it possible to have that kind of input as well in Snwfl tr ?

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Marcus WongKeboola TEAM
Headmaster of Keboola Academy, School for Data Witchcraft and Wizardry

Hi Tereza,

I am not aware that Snowflake is able to handle different files.  However for example, if you are looking to query, for example, JSON (, the JSON will need to fit within a cell of an actual storage table.  If you have a JSON file for example, create a CSV out of it and upload it to KBC's table storage.  Then you can set it into your input mapping of your Snowflake transformation/workspace.

Hope that makes sense?