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Asked a question 2 years ago

I have a client using Netsuite and I understand that there are two methods to extract 1) Netsuite licensed ODBC driver or 2) scheduled reports/CSVs. I'm curious if anyone has used either method and what your experience has been. (Do you like one over the other?) Money is not a factor to this decision.

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Clarice Robenalt
Analytics Engineer @ Compology

We use Netsuite saved searches to send daily CSVs to a google account that we use only for Keboola extractors or writers. It's been pretty painless and straightforward, if rudimentary.

Some gotchas:
1. You save a step because the CSVs from Netsuite always have the same file name (when the file name changes with each CSV delivery, you need to add a processor to standardize the file name. Otherwise, there is a new file created in storage each day, but the writer config does not update to use the new file).

2. I haven't configured the CSV attachment extractor to handle >1 CSV in the emails. I believe it is possible, but I wanted to make it easy on myself and not have to do that. So I have my jobs configured in a way where only one CSV will ever be attached to a given email.

Hi @Leonard Kang81 - we worked/are working with both. Currently I suppose the preferred way (assuming the customer has paid for the API access and therefore has the driver) is the extractor driver route (the extractor is currently not public specifically because the need for the customer to supply their licensed driver so it needs to be set up by support - we're figuring out how to make that process easier). @David Esner102 can probably supply some details of how to go about it!