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Asked a question 2 years ago

I have lost my phone and my MFA application is gone with the phone. What are the procedures to recover my Keboola account?

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Martin FiserKeboola TEAM
Head of Professional Services @ Keboola

Hi Leo,

The first and preferred option is that you should have the backup codes that are generated as a part of MFA setup. This should allow you to get in and reactivate the MFA.

If you forgot to back them up, then you need to ask for reset:

  1. Please ask your contact person (as a client) to create a new ticket from your project, requesting a MFA reset for that person. Please note we DO NOT accept requests made by a contact person via email.
  2. The contact person should keep the original requester in cc, so it's verified by both sides that the MFA should be reset. If the original requester is not in the cc, Keboola support will ask them and ask for confirmation.
  3. Once the MFA reset request is confirmed by both sides, our support will manually reset it.

Let this to be a lesson learned for backing up your recovery backup codes.