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Václav NosekKeboola TEAM
frontend dev @ Keboola
Asked a question 2 years ago

Is Keboola commited to help solving the global environmental crisis? If so, how?

Where am I?

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Actually a great question, thanks for it. We've always had a history of being involved with community projects. Starting with DataFests like in Prague, Hradec and London; helping to jumpstart DataGirls together with Dita Prikrylova; doing e-commerce good pricing watchdog, all the way to helping to form and supporting a community of thousands IT ppl solving issues around Covid. 

All of those have led us to realise several things:

  • governments are not gonna help "us" out without "us" pushing on them first, we have to form communities that pro-actively help
  • we love to facilitate communities and help people to be successful
  • we are data focused

Last couple of months we've been discussing initiatives like "Data4Earth" where we would put together people using data to solve particular problems for companies that are connected with environment and through that financing non profit initiatives, etc.

But honestly, we need your help here. It can't be just Padak, me and couple of others :)

We're totally open to ideas. Always will be looking for the initiative that has the greatest leverage.