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Jordan Burger
Data Analyst
Asked a question last year

Is there anyone in the Keboola Community who is currently doing email address validation, or thinking of getting starting with it, and could benefit from an application being created with this feature? We are currently customers of SendGrid, and they provide an Email Validation API that we would love to integrate. Interested if anyone else would find this useful.

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Hi @Jordan Burger43 - one of our partners spoke to me about that a while ago, they were looking at using hunter.io52 API - looked like very straightforward component requirement at the time. I don't think SendGrid would be that much tougher. Sounds like a great use case! Parallel to what quite a few customers are doing with physical addresses using the Geo-coding augmentation app20. @David Esner14 let's build it?

Martin FiserKeboola TEAM
Head of Professional Services @ Keboola

Hi Jordan,

I think the ecosystem would definitely benefit by having such application. If you are considering making it public and need some help in doing so, please let us know!