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Tereza Licková
Data Engineer
Asked a question last year

PII / GDPR sensitive Hi, by any chance do you have available / implemented some kind of processor used within extractor for masking data before ingestion ? (eg. for Generic ex.) T.

Milan Veverka Keboola TEAM
Martin Fiser can you chime in here? Didn't we have something around PIIs recently?
Martin Fiser Keboola TEAM
Hi Tereza, this is something we have a question about once in a while. We do have on our long list of component ideas though here are some notes. There are two challenges:

1. identify PII
2. obfuscate/encrypt PII
a) within platform
b) during ingestion

Create a dedicated component to encrypt/decrypt, with the selection of
Tereza Licková
Hi and thank you for reply. OK so nothing yet. Btw why not start simple and let user define/mark PII during config ?
Martin Fiser Keboola TEAM
Tereza Licková Well, you can already utilize the table/column description within a storage to do so... We are also working on bringing tags within the UI (tags are already present via API -

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