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Generic writer configuration question

In the Generic Writer config, I want to pass a hardcoded parameter into JSON body like:

"archived": "false"

Someone suggested using: "request_data_wrapper": "{\"archived\": \"false\"}",

but this did not work.

Any suggestions?

Here is my code

{ "path": "[[project_id]]", "mode": "JSON",... (More)
Martin FiserKeboola TEAM
Head of Professional Services @ Keboola

Keboola data sharing concepts

Here are many ways to share data:

  • Data Catalogue (business-level UX)
  • Keboola Storage Writer - PUSH (analyst/engineering-level UX)
  • Keboola Storage Extractor - PULL (analyst/engineering-level UX)
  • Direct Storage Access - TBD (analyst/engineering-level UX)
  • Keboola Storage API (developer-level UX)

Data catalogue (More)