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Josef Pithart
Business Intelligence - work of all kinds

Hello, I would like to download Ads Costs from these systems. Capterra, G2, Quora. Do you have any experience with that system's API to share? Thank you!

Handling a lot of large (1MB) text files

I'm working on processing our build logs to spot different trends in the builds (failing often, taking longer, etc.). That requires me to pull job logs, among other things. Each log has approx. 1MB. Currently I'm working on travis job... (More)

How to handle hard deletes in source system?

This question comes up over and over again. What if the source system "suffers" from hard deletes (many old ones do, a row just disappears instead of being flagged as deleted), AND you need to do incremental loads, because full... (More)

Martin LepkaKeboola TEAM
Head of Customer Success @ Keboola

Ever wondered how has Keboola platform changed over time?

And do you wanna stay up-to-date with all recent changes and new features? We hear that question quite a lot especially after summer vacations so for all those who don't know yet, here is a our official Changelog page. You... (More)