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David EsnerKeboola TEAM
Data Consultant & Component Developer

Triggering Orchestrations v2 / Flows from Google Sheet.

Hi all, some of you are already using the Google Apps script that runs in Google sheet and creates option for the user to trigger a Keboola Orchestration directly from the sheet. We have created and updated version of that... (More)

David EsnerKeboola TEAM
Data Consultant & Component Developer

New Chrome extension to trigger debug jobs and simplify advanced operations with component configurations without need to manually call the API.

Hello community, I'd like to share with you a new Chrome extension useful for advanced users, who often trigger debug jobs on components to debug processors or just need to work with component configurations via API for whatever reason. It... (More)

Things I found helpful:

  1. Documentation in bitbucket (small link in D365 component header):862
  2. Go to base_url/api/data/v9.x/EntityDefinitions?%24select=EntitySetName (found this in error message and in document) to get JSON results of all entity definitions.
  3. endpoint is simply just the name.. endpoint url... (More)

Populating presentation (power point / google slides) with data

I needed to automate generation of a presentation deck with data (same deck being used repeatedly and tons of time spent on populating the excel sheet backing it). I realized that if the deck is built in Google Slides, it... (More)