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Feedback & Suggestions
Feedback & Suggestions

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Petra Horáčková
Data Detective at Bizztreat

Transformation name does not change while clicking through 'Requires' and 'Dependent Transformation' in transformation configuration

Hi guys, I've just found an issue while clicking through 'Requires' and 'Dependent Transformation' in transformation configuration. When I click back and forth between transformations, the transformation name stays the same. This might be quite confusing... or is it a... (More)

Matus Pavliscak
Scaling Analytics & DataOps at Productboard

Disabled orchestration notification

It would be great to get an email notification when somebody disables an orchestration in the project where I am as admin. Another way of warning about this could be a yellow warning on the project's dashboard to see the... (More)

Visualizing Data Timeliness and SLA

Hi I just came across this this article. I am sure that this fetaure is somewhere on the KBC roadmap, so just dropping it here for inspiration!