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Tomas Kvapil
Data Analyst/Engineer @PriceFx

BambooHR Generic Extractor - help with output

Hi guys,

I am looking for someone who has experience with a generic extractor for BambooHr or can help me with the formatting of an output I am getting.

So far I've come across two issues.

1) When I try... (More)

Martin FiserKeboola TEAM
Head of Professional Services @ Keboola

Start Manual for Generic Extractor

There is a stellar Keboola Academy course for Generic Extractor - I would encourage everyone to start there:

However, I think this guide might be pretty useful for kickstarting new configuration:


Official documentation:

  • Mentioned Keboola Academy for Generic Extractor... (More)
Martin FiserKeboola TEAM
Head of Professional Services @ Keboola

Generic Extractor - UserData for child endpoints

Feedback needed!

Hi all, as you may know, currently our GenEx does not support using user defined fields in child jobs:


Since this question appears once in a while in our support system, we would love your... (More)

Hi Roman.

No, it is not. Either all of the columns will be stored, or you can keep i.e. just one column by defining mapping for "boards". But as the endpoint is defined in the extractor, the table will be... (More)