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generic extractor
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Chris Ryan
Operations Analyst

Generic Extractor mapping to pull data from second table into first?


I am new to the community and to the Generic Extractor, but I have read through the full help article and am still unsure if this is possible or if it could only be done with a transformation after... (More)

Martin FiserKeboola TEAM
Head of Professional Services @ Keboola

Start Manual for Generic Extractor

There is a stellar Keboola Academy course for Generic Extractor - I would encourage everyone to start there:

However, I think this guide might be pretty useful for kickstarting new configuration:


Official documentation:

  • Mentioned Keboola Academy for Generic Extractor... (More)
Tomas Kvapil
Data Analyst/Engineer @PriceFx

BambooHR Generic Extractor - help with output

Hi guys,

I am looking for someone who has experience with a generic extractor for BambooHr or can help me with the formatting of an output I am getting.

So far I've come across two issues.

1) When I try... (More)

Generic Extractor returns: Invalid JSON response from API: JSON decode error: Syntax error, malformed JSON

Hi All.

I am working with an API login endpoint that returns a token in exchange for a username and password.

I am struggling to parse the response from the API call and am receiving the error Invalid JSON response... (More)