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Facebook Ads Extractor - Deprecated Marketing API < 9.0

Hello community!

Facebook tomorrow 4.5.2021 will deprecate Facebook Marketing API < 9.0.

Versions 9.0 (until August 25, 2021) and 10.0 (until October 4, 2021) will remain functional.

Action needed: Please, change the version in the Facebook Ads Extractor... (More)

David EsnerKeboola TEAM
Data Consultant & Component Developer

Generic Extractor - Suggestions for improvement

Hello everyone, we are constantly working on extending and improving our existing components. This time we'd like to get your opinion on the existing Generic Extractor which is one of the most powerful components in our collection. We are already... (More)

New Telemetry Data App

We are happy to let you know that the much-awaited component for bringing telemetry data to your project is available now.

The Telemetry Data extractor allows you to retrieve data about your project or about your whole organization. It helps... (More)

David EsnerKeboola TEAM
Data Consultant & Component Developer

Shopify Extractor

Proud to announce that we've just released a Shopify Extractor. It allows downloading Orders, Products, Customers and Events from the world's favourite e-commerce platform. 

So don't hesitate and give it a try! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!