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Discover and add ideas for Keboola Connection features. Here you can find everything about: transformation backends (transformations, sandboxes and workspaces), storage (storage, data catalogue, metadata), orchestration and jobs, API layer, platform management (user management, billing, etc.). 

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What is New Queue and why do we need it?

New Queue enables the use of many new features, such as new transformations, a dynamic back-end size, 24-hour job limit, execution of configuration rows in parallel, etc. Find out more about new queue in our article here.

Run Component Configuration Jobs in Parallel

There's a new option to run component configuration jobs in parallel.

Parallel Configuration Jobs modal
Parallel Configuration Jobs modal

Platform Changes to Be Announced Directly within the Platform Itself

Changelog posts (including this one) are now published directly in the Keboola Connection platform header.

In-app Platform Changes Feed
In-app Platform Changes Feed

Dynamic Backend Size for Snowflake Jobs (public beta)

Now you can change the backend size of a heavy Snowflake transformation job so that it finishes faster.

There are three backend sizes for you to select from (small, medium, and large). However, you cannot change the backend size if... (More)