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Discover and add ideas for Keboola Connection features. Here you can find everything about: transformation backends (transformations, sandboxes and workspaces), storage (storage, data catalogue, metadata), orchestration and jobs, API layer, platform management (user management, billing, etc.). 

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Copy Workspace to Transformation

We rolled out the next set of improvements for transformations and workspaces. It is now possible to copy an existing workspace configuration to an existing transformation.

New Shared Codes Detail Page

We'd like to announce the introduction of a new detail page for Shared Codes.

Collapsible Mappings and Improved Drag and Drop

Another set of UX improvements focusing on Mappings, Code Blocks and Codes is deployed to the Keboola Connection platform.

Dynamic backend size for Snowflake jobs (public beta)

Now you can change the backend size of a heavy Snowflake transformation job so that it finishes faster.

There are three backend sizes for you to select from (small, medium, and large). However, you cannot change the backend size if... (More)