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Q&A (Help Needed)
Q&A (Help Needed)

This is the place for finding answers to anything related to Keboola Connection. Ask away!

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Trigger Keboola orchestration in Tableau

Hi everyone, I would like to let a Tableau user refresh data in a dashboard directly from Tableau by clicking a button that triggers an orchestration in Keboola. Is there anyone who has done this and could share some tips... (More)

František ŘehořPartner
Solution Architect @ DATA-BASED


Hello folks,

I have been analysing the suitability of GoodData for one particular project:

  • very simple one in terms of data - one fact table (couple of milions of rows/ up to 10 cols), couple of dimensions, one date dimension... (More)

Incomplete transformations list

Hello, I've just found out that in the main list of transformations we cannot see all of them. 50 transformations are visible, but the rest is not. I can only find them via search box above the list. Would you... (More)

František ŘehořPartner
Solution Architect @ DATA-BASED

Hi! After migration to Queue v2 I am missing the list of jobs (+ their status) for a particular orchestration job. Why did you get rid of it? Do you consider it unnecessary? Thank you