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Q&A (Help Needed)
Q&A (Help Needed)

This is the place for finding answers to anything related to Keboola Connection. Ask away!

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Hi @Leonard Kang2 - we worked/are working with both. Currently I suppose the preferred way (assuming the customer has paid for the API access and therefore has the driver) is the extractor driver route (the extractor is currently not public... (More)

Pipedrive update with Generic Writer


I would need to update Pipedrive Deal's custom field with Generic Writer. In Keboola, I have a table with two columns - deal-id and custom-field. I need to iterate over deal-id column and assign new value from custom-field... (More)

Generic Extractor templates

Hi all,

We need to download data from DataDog and Airtable and I was wondering if anyone can share "template" configuration for mentioned services for Generic Extractor.
This will help us speed up integration of such sources.

I would say... (More)

Leoš GerlichKeboola TEAM
Customer Success Manager @ Keboola

"Less traditional" visualisation tools

Does anyone have any experience with other visualisation tools than the "Big 4": Looker, PowerBI, GoodData & Tableau?

I have found a couple of them: Metabase, Mode, Redash, Sigma, Sisense, Superset.

Feel free to add... (More)