I am new to the community and to the Generic Extractor, but I have read through the full help article and am still unsure if this is possible or if it could only be done with a transformation after the fact. 

I am working with Revel POS API and am currently pulling in product data from the API. I have the extractor working and it pulls in the columns needed, however some data is represented by a new endpoint. I want to grab the result of that endpoint and map one of the fields into the main table. I figure if this is possible, it's with Child Mapping, but that seems to only map to a new table, while I want the data to put placed within the same table.

Am I mssing something in the tutorials on how to do this, or is this not possible?


For example when pulling a product, there is a Category field with values of  "/products/ProductCategory/8503/", which can be utilized as a new endpoint to get information on the Category. When pulling that information I get a new object with "name" as one of the available fields to grab. Can I get that "name" field and put that into the Category field instead of the endpoint reference?

Thanks for any help or suggestions