Hello folks,

I have been analysing the suitability of GoodData for one particular project:

  • very simple one in terms of data - one fact table (couple of milions of rows/ up to 10 cols), couple of dimensions, one date dimension
  • row level security - specific users must see only the data they have permission for
  • Single Sign On - the client requests SSO for accessing the dashboards for their users

So far so good, I guess everything is pretty straightforward to be built quickly according to docs. However, I would recommend your advices if you have something to share :-)

  1. Keboola folks - do you still offer projects under your Keboola org on GD?
  2. I am getting some weird Application errors when trying to write directly by using GD writer. What's the best practise to write data to GD? Using the developed write in KBC or write table to some stage database, e.g. Snowlake db, and then use the GD integration tools?
  3. RLS - what's the best way to maintain user permissions? Would you recommend GD User Management app?
  4. SSO - do you have some hands on experience in implementing SSO for you clients? Do you see anything tricky regarding this?