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Elise liked 3 days ago

Datový analytik


hledáme junior datovýho analytika do Performaxu. Jsme malá firma, takže tvý výstupy a nápady mají přímý vliv na chod firmy. Používáme především KBC a Power Bi, přičemž momentálně budeme testovat GoodDatu. Hlavní co potřebujeme, je abys dokázal kompexně přemýšlet... (More)

Matus replied 10 days ago
Josef Pithart
Business Intelligence - work of all kinds

Hello, I would like to download Ads Costs from these systems. Capterra, G2, Quora. Do you have any experience with that system's API to share? Thank you!

Veronika liked a reply 11 days ago

Trigger Keboola orchestration in Tableau

Hi everyone, I would like to let a Tableau user refresh data in a dashboard directly from Tableau by clicking a button that triggers an orchestration in Keboola. Is there anyone who has done this and could share some tips... (More)

Maria liked 11 days ago

How Rohlik speeds up the time from ideas to results with Keboola Connection

Congratulations to Rohlik for their recent investment round! We cannot wait to see their brand and services all across Europe. Here's a short story about their data journey with Keboola.

In today’s fast-growing environment, slow companies have no chance of... (More)