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Filip liked 10 hours ago

Things I found helpful:

  1. Documentation in bitbucket (small link in D365 component header):7
  2. Go to base_url/api/data/v9.x/EntityDefinitions?%24select=EntitySetName (found this in error message and in document) to get JSON results of all entity definitions.
  3. endpoint is simply just the name.. endpoint url... (More)
Martin liked 6 days ago

Data Engineers wanted at ShipMonk

We are looking for data engineers ( to help us develop and maintain set of our KPIs that are used (not only) for management of warehouse operations. Let me know if you'd like to learn more!

More about Shipmonk R&D:... (More)

Roman liked 7 days ago
Milan VeverkaKeboola TEAM
Product Marketing at Keboola

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Martin replied 14 days ago
Sanya Kumari
Product Marketer @Keboola

Keboola Expert Program Webinar

We are launching the (improved) Keboola Expert Program!

And who best to sum up the program than our very own ex-expert, made Keboola Sales Engineer Jordan Burger.

Join us at our live webinar Introducing: Keboola Expert Program on the... (More)