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Someone replied 2 days ago

Thanks guys, you made my Friday!

Someone replied 2 days ago

Keboola as code

I had the opportunity to work with Keboola as code on an internal project. Despite the fact that this tool is in early access, I was excited! Because I love automation and this tool seems to be successful.

Which of... (More)

Someone replied 2 days ago

Orchestration scheduling


Is there a way of setting up a multiple schedules for one orchestration ? I would like to have an orchestration running twice a day at exact time. Right now the workaround i see is to make the same... (More)

Someone replied 2 days ago

Pay as you go Keboola - > Enterprise Keboola

Hi guys, we have a client who is using pay as you go Keboola, however we have a feel that it's the time to switch the project to the Enterprise Keboola. Are there any difficulties or extra costs or even... (More)