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Martin FiserKeboola TEAM
Head of Professional Services @ Keboola

Trigger storage snapshot via Python

This is a net script I have dug for one of our user asking on support how to easily trigger snapshot for multiple tables. Please not this could be (as python transformation) orchestrated for instance in your weekly/monthly flows to... (More)

Martin updated 16 hours ago
Martin liked 16 hours ago

Deepnote notebook execution app

Is there anyone who would use a Keboola component that would trigger a Deepnote notebook execution? 

Learn more about our API here: 

Let me know! 

Pavel replied 2 days ago
Petr Šimon
Data Engineer @TV Nova

Multiproject architecture - DEV & PROD

Hello Keboola and community,

how do you use DEV and PROD environment in multiproject architecture? What are your best practices?

Our story: We are using multiproject architecture heavily. So one pipeline from source to destination can be across 3-5... (More)