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Václav updated 4 hours ago

Run Component Configuration Jobs in Parallel

There's a new option to run component configuration jobs in parallel.

Parallel Configuration Jobs modal
Parallel Configuration Jobs modal

Platform Changes to Be Announced Directly within the Platform Itself

Changelog posts (including this one) are now published directly in the Keboola Connection platform header.

In-app Platform Changes Feed
In-app Platform Changes Feed

Eliska liked a reply 5 hours ago
František ŘehořPartner
Solution Architect @ DATA-BASED

Hi! After migration to Queue v2 I am missing the list of jobs (+ their status) for a particular orchestration job. Why did you get rid of it? Do you consider it unnecessary? Thank you

Matus liked 12 hours ago

Upcoming change on queries using certain unicode constants with UPPER() and LOWER() in Snowflake

What is changing?

Snowflake has identified and is fixing inconsistent unicode versions in the product. Most of the Snowflake service uses unicode 10 internally; however, we have identified one portion of our service using unicode 11. We will be fixing... (More)