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Square - Generic Extractor Configuration

I built a generic extractor configuration for Square (API Docs Here) so you don't have to:

{ "parameters": { "api": { "baseUrl": "", "http": { "headers": { "Accept": "application/json", "Square-Version": "ENTER_YOUR_DESIRED_VERSION_HERE", "Authorization": { "function": "concat", "args": [ "Bearer... (More)
Jaroslav replied a month ago
Jan liked a reply a month ago

How to use passwords inside transformations

Hello there!

I was wondering what ways would you recommend for cases where you want to use a python transformation and you need to use some login credentials that should stay secure&hidden?



Martin replied a month ago
Chris Ryan
Operations Analyst

Generic Extractor mapping to pull data from second table into first?


I am new to the community and to the Generic Extractor, but I have read through the full help article and am still unsure if this is possible or if it could only be done with a transformation after... (More)