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Martin replied 4 hours ago

Python Transformations - Saving data to out/tables problem

I am a new Keboola user and just tested the python transformation feature. I tried to use a single Google Sheet table to perform a simple transformation and save the new table to the out/tables/result.csv.

When I run the... (More)

David liked 2 days ago
Beth MacDonald
Recruiter & People Ops

Keboola is hiring! - Python Developer

We are looking for a Python Developer, ideally with one year of experience or it could be a university graduate. Here is the link to the job posting. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions!



František replied 2 days ago
David EsnerKeboola TEAM
Data Consultant & Component Developer

Triggering Orchestrations v2 / Flows from Google Sheet.

Hi all, some of you are already using the Google Apps script that runs in Google sheet and creates option for the user to trigger a Keboola Orchestration directly from the sheet. We have created and updated version of that... (More)

Christian liked a reply 2 days ago
František ŘehořPartner
Data Consultant & Engineer @ data-based

Hi, which API do you use (would you recommend) for getting weather data? The Dark sky API has been deprecated after it was acquired by Apple. Thx