Data Here, Data There, Data Everywhere. I am sharing few cool job offers where you can meet both Keboola and Keboolians. If you are interested, I am happy to share some behind-the-scenes information or connect you directly to a hiring manager.

I start with our own job offering:
Keboola - Data Consultant - in the team led by the best Martin Fiser.

Koší - Data Engineer/Data Analyst - - Data Analyst for Marketing -
Bonami - BI/Data Analyst -
intecs data, s.r.o.- BI Specialist - / sk - Data analyst -
Productboard - Data Engineer -
GLAMI - Data Analyst -
ZOOT a.s. - Data analyst -
Pale Fire Capital - Analyst -
Ušetř s.r.o. - Data analyst -
Global Payments CZ - Junior Data Analyst -

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