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František ŘehořPartner
Data Consultant & Engineer @ data-based

Hey! I have heard some rumours recently that you are planning to publish the new Salesforce writer (kds-team.wr-salesforce). Could we test it? Is there any documentation for it? Thank you!

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Martin Fiser
Martin Fiser Keboola TEAM

Yes, I will let @David Esner and @Adam Bako to connect with you on the status and the testing of it. 

First stage is the extractor and the next step is the writer.

Adam Bako
Adam Bako Keboola Team

Hi @František Řehoř we have been making final changes to the extractor before publishing. The writer is currently in development and we will let you know as soon as it is ready to test. This should be sometime next week. If you have been using the 3rd party Salesforce Writer (htns.wr-salesforce) and have any requests that you would like implemented in the new one, please give us some feedback here

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