Hi all, some of you are already using the Google Apps script that runs in Google sheet and creates option for the user to trigger a Keboola Orchestration directly from the sheet. We have created and updated version of that which supports the new queue, e.g. Orchestrations v2 or Flows. 

Here's a guide on how to deploy it in you sheet:

  1. Navigate to Extensions -> Apps script
  2. Insert the entire code into the Code.gs (replace the existing content)
    1. Find the script attached on the post.
  3. Save
  4. Refresh or reopen the sheet.
  5. New tab named Keboola will appear.
  6. Hit reset settings.
  7. Once you click Run orchestration you will be asked to provide url to your orchestration + Storage token (that will be saved for next run)
  8. Now you can trigger your orchestration to collect the data directly from the sheet