An ode to version control

There are many features in Keboola you almost never use, but when you need them, they are there, waiting for you... I just had that experience. A partner / SaaS company has been working on their APIs which broke jobs on our end (obviously). We assumed we needed to make changes on the Keboola side, then they worked on the Keboola setup themselves trying to make it work (in generic extractor). They eventually fixed the root problem in their API. Which means the fix now was going back to the last configuration before this marathon started. So, check the last job of a component, the job record itself tells you the version of config that ran then (two months ago), two click to rollback to that version and off we go.

And I didn't have to lift a finger - didn't have to anticipate this and make save the config somewhere, build some kind of "dataops" layer on top of multi-tool stack, nothing... The version tracking along with the configuration rollback button were just waiting there, patiently, for the moment when I'll need it, and then jump to action. I have obviously all the reasons to be biased, but damn, sometimes I really love the thing our guys are building! Thanks for letting me share :).