Community Rules

Welcome to our Community!

To make this a productive and supportive community, we request that members follow these guidelines:

#1. Have Fun!

#2. Share your knowledge and ask questions

#3. Be Supportive

#4. When in doubt, reach out 

#5. Feedback & Ideas

Have fun

Yup, that’s right. Community should be about enjoying all engagement with fellow Keboola users and enthusiasts - whether you’re discussing some interesting puzzles, giving feedback to new features or discussing non-work related topics - we hope you have fun along the way! 

Share your knowledge and ask questions.

This is your opportunity to make an impact. We were all newbies once. Whether you are a novice or an experienced user, there are those you can learn from and those you can teach.

Be Supportive

Please be courteous, respectful and polite to fellow community members. Keep in mind, the majority of users here have come because they want help, want to learn something or connect with others who have shared passions for data. Sometimes people may ask seemingly basic questions - we all need to start somewhere, so please, kindly welcome them and provide assistance if they seem a bit lost.

When in doubt, reach out

If you’re unsure where your question or comment belongs, don’t hesitate to reach out to Keboola Moderator or Community Manager by Private Message and ask for assistance. We’re here to help and the last thing we want is for you to leave and not come back because you were unsure.

Feedback & Ideas

We want this to be the best community it can possibly be - so let us know what you think, or how we can help improve your experience in the Keboola Community by reaching out to Keboola Community Manager.

If you have questions for Keboola that cannot be discussed in the community, please contact:

We will be happy to help!


Oh, and we reserve the right to remove offensive, inappropriate, or just plainly mean content (including, but not limited to, promotion of direct competition).

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